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Insurance Services

TenPoint Complete has expertise in the insurance auto physical damage industry, which works in conjunction with the collision repair industry to repair the vehicles of policyholders who have damage.
We provide market research and call center services that connect companies with their customers.  We collect information about experiences, attitudes and perceptions that help companies:

  • Understand the customer experience
  • Turn detracting or passive customers into promoters of your company
  • Evaluate the claims process
  • Increase policyholder retention
  • Measure and quantify results and trends over time
  • Provide internal management and external marketing tools
  • Drive profitability

Repeat and referral business typically accounts for a high percentage (60%-90%) of sales, and it costs 10 times more to obtain a new customer through marketing and advertising than it does to retain current customers.  The increase in communication through social media makes it increasingly important to make sure your customers are satisfied. 

Direct Connection

TenPoint Complete programs connect you directly with your customer base from an unbiased third party source that is familiar with your industry.  Customers appreciate companies that value honest feedback.  TenPoint Complete surveys are typically brief and non-intrusive. They can be conducted by live agents at our call center, or by IVR (Interactive Voice Response) artificial intelligence.  For more information about CSI Communicator IVR, click here.

Click here to view a TenPoint Complete survey

Hot Sheets – Immediate Service Recovery Opportunities

An important aspect of a TenPoint Complete program is the ability to quickly turn negative customer experiences around.  TenPoint Complete sends Hot Sheet Service Alerts to you in less than 24-hours, so that you can be proactive in following up with your customers.

Uses for Your Business

There are countless ways to use the information obtained from your customers through TenPoint Complete, but here are a few examples to consider:

  • Measure adjustor or TPA performance
  • Compare DRP to non-DRP shops
  • Evaluate business relationships – for example, with rental car companies or towing and roadside assistance services
  • Compare offices, states and regions
  • Leverage results in marketing, public relations and social media efforts
  • Create a service recovery SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Use live audios of customer comments to make a real impact in training and coaching sessions with employees.

Service Delivery

TenPoint Complete has various ways of communicating with clients, and prefers to do so electronically.  This process typically involves receiving a customer list, importing those files, harvesting the desired information from customers, and then returning that information to our clients.  Here are some examples of how the information can be returned:

  • Data transfers in formats such as spreadsheets or comma delimited
  • Emailed PDF formats
  • Online reporting
  • Web services
  • CD ROM
  • Hard copy reports

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and Help Desk Servies

Because we understand the claims process and run our own call center, TenPoint Complete offers inbound services such as FNOL and Help Desk.

Insurance Call Center Measurement

Insurance companies often operate call centers for business operations such as sales, customer service and claims support.  TenPoint Complete can measure the customer experience with these business units, and insurance companies can use the information similar to the above applications.





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